Winners of Thirukkural Competition - Academic year 2013/14

A large number of our school students participated in Thirukkural competition for the academic year 2013/2014. Each and every student who took part in Thirukkural competition is a winner and will be awarded certificates for achieving satisfactory results. Final results of the competition as follows.

1st place Ashmiha 
2st place Prijanka 
3rd place Kain

1st place Aran 
2nd place Kaviya 
3rd place Sreeka

Year 1 
1st place Sajini 
2nd place Kavin-Aiyan 
3rd place Arjuna

Year 2 
1st place Saadhyan 
2nd place Mithushan 
3rd place Thurka

Year 3 
1st place Rosaan 
2nd place Keerthana 
3rd place Yuhan

Year 4 
1st place Anjuula 
2nd place Mathusha 
3rd place Harishan

Year 5 
1st place Sarannia 
2nd place Thaadsha 
3rd place Sajeev

Year 6 
1st place Archana 
2nd place Shathushan 
3rd place Asheswen

Year 7 
1st place Gajanani 
2nd place Aharani 
3rd place Shangavi

Year 8 
1st place Vithushan 
2nd place Melissa 
3rd place Priyangen

Year 9 and above 
1st place Gaiyalvili 
2nd place Sutharnan 
3rd place Tharmeethran

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