Winners of Thirukkural Competition - Academic year 2015/16

Thirukkural Competition 2015/16

More than 130 students participated in our annual Thirukkural competition for the academic year 2015/16. Every student participated in the competition was awarded with certificate for achieving expected results. We were honored to have very talented Tamil pundits as our judges for our competition. Pulavar Sivanathan, Mr. Jegatheeswarampillai and Mrs Anantharani Balendra were offered their service as judges to our competition and encouraged and motivated our students for their talents shown in this competition. For students to identify their strength and weakness, we have produced personalized reports based on judges’ scores to every participant hoping them to work on their weakness to improve their talents in future competitions.


Thirukural Competition Infant Group [ Nursery – Year 2]

Group Nursery

·         1st Place Jaysha Jeyapragash

·         2nd Place Kieren Vigneswaralingam

·         3rd Place Vivaan Kailash Sivanandham

Group Reception

·         1st Place Ashwin Sakthivel

·         2nd Place Aisshvarya Rajalingam

·         2nd Place Tanisha Pirapakaran

·         3rd Place Aksaya Sivaparan

·         3rd Place Dhanya Ravishankar

Group Year 1

·         1st Place Nadina Christie

·         2nd Place Ashmiha Sekaran

·         3rd Place Shabeena Sasikumar

Group Year 2

·         1st Place Sreeka Jeyandiran

·         2nd Place Bhathanna Bhanukopan

·         3rd Place ArthekaSritharan

·         3rd Place Thamira Senthuran

Thirukural Competition Junior & Secondary Group [Year 3 - GCSE]

Group Year 3

·         1st Place Kavinayan Rameshshanker

·         2nd Place Sajini Karunakaran

·         2nd Place Aathesh Sripavan

·         3rd Place Arjuna Shankar

Group Year 4

·         1st Place Mithushan Roshan

·         2nd Place SathyanRagulan

·         3rd Place Varsha Arichandrarasa

Group Year 5

·         1st Place Maravan Karunakaran

·         2nd Place Rosaan Mohanakumaran

·         3rd Place Theebthie Nanthabalan

Group Year 6

·         1st Place Mathusha Pirapakar

·         2nd Place AnjuulaSripavan

·         3rd Place Gajanen Gajaparan

·         3rd Place Sharvess Sinnathamby

Group Year 7

·         1st Place Theephiga Balendran

·         2nd Place Sarannia Ragulan

·         3rd Place Sajeev Karunakaran

Group Year 8

·         1st Place Archana Elangainathan

·         2nd Place Shathushan Pirapakar

·         3rd Place Kayathry Vickneswaran

·         3rd Place Asheswen Sureshdonald

Group Year 9

·         1st Place Yugan Kalaiyogan

·         2nd Place Gajanani Gajaparan

·         3rd Place Ahrani Jeevanthan

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