Our Events

These are some of the events that we organize annually which are key to encourage our students as well maintain our rich culture and tradition.                                        

Saraswathi Pooja

The event is in line with the Hindu festival and usually celebrated in the Whitmore School Auditorium with Pooja and followed by performances from our Fine Arts students.

Christmas Celebration

Our Christmas function unites assortment of religious parents and it’s eagerly anticipated by our students and parents alike. Dinner and dance with Students’ and Parents’ stage incredible performances fill this day.

Thai Pongal Celebration

Another festival, which by tradition in Sri Lanka is celebrated by every Hindu.  Children are encouraged to learn about this auspicious festival and participate in related activities.

Thirukkural Competition

The competition highlights the talent of our students by delivering "Kurals" in front of judges as well as audience. They are expected to understand the meaning of each "Kural" thus learning one of the important literatures of the Tamil language and how “Kurals” is related to their day to day life.

Speech Competition

 Students are challenged in front of a large audience to deliver Tamil Speeches, where their memory, tone, pronunciation, understanding and the command of the language are very much tested. 

Sports (including Football & Netball)

Although we are a Tamil school yet we still encourage our students to be physically active and fit. Our annul sports day give them that opportunity. Our sports day is a very competitive event between three inter-houses and fiercely contested.

Tamil Vizha

An event to showcase the hard learned lessons in Tamil classes by our students.  It is filled by traditional drams, speeches, poetries, etc. etc.

Kalai Vizha

While Tamil Vizha highlights our students’ literacy in Tamil, Kalai Vizha brings their Fine Arts Talents. Kalai Vizha is an event filled with music, dance and orchestra.

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