Our Core Values

We are an independent educational organization and are proud to proclaim that we have absolutely no allegiance to any particular race, religion, country or political organisation. While Harrow Tamil School actively supports and encourages cultural and social integration, concurrently, the HTSA accentuates that our children should understand, learn and preserve our rich heritage and tradition of our Dravidian values, Tamil culture and language. Through its various cultural and social activities, HTSA endeavours to sustain its uniqueness, withstand any competition and maintain its independence. We are united by the Tamil language, culture and values reaching beyond the boundaries of nationalities and countries.

Our Aspirations:

  • To be the first choice and most enterprisingTamil School in the UK.
  • To be recognised for providing an outstanding learning experience that produces exceptional students.
  • Engage and stretch students in the development and application of enterprise attributes.
  • Personalizes learning and engage students as leaders of their own development and learning as well as encourage and promote talents and abilities among them.
  • Promote Dravidian values, Tamil language and culture.
  • Initiate and foster mutually beneficial relationships within children and parents.
  • Provide comprehensive and unique teaching.
  • Teach our rich traditions of our culture through various events and activities.
  • Teach morals, cohesion, flexibility, communication, respect, family values, and importance of education.

Our Organisational Structure:

The Harrow Tamil School Association is run by Board of Administrators (BOA) and the Board is elected at an Annual General Meeting by paid parent members every year. The BOA consists of a President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and five Committee members. In addition, there are three members Advisory Board appointed by the BOA to advise them on Academic, Legal Governance and Public Relations.

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